Lumbec and la Cité Collégiale recognized at the 2016 Ontario Wood Design Award

Wood Collective congratulates Martin Bisson and his team at LUMBEC who were honored on November 15th at the 2016 Ontario Wood Design Award in Toronto for their project called “La Ruche”.

Built and developed by Lumbec for La Cité Collégiale, “La Ruche” is a collaborative and experiential mobile laboratory. The usage of innovative materials such as CLT (cross-laminated timber) was particularly indicated to offer aestheticism, functionality and durability to the final product. It is in collaboration with two other members of Wood Collective, CLTO and Optima, that Lumbec was able to carry out this project that merited the Aylmer based company the Jury’s Choice Award.

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Notably equipped for film projection as well as holding interactive conferences and workshops, La Ruche is an excellent promotional tool for La Cité’s programs and projects. Moreover, it allows people from all over the province and even the country to benefit from the students’, graduates’ and teachers’ expertise from La Cité.

Wood Collective is extremely proud of the union of its members for the realization of the project “La Ruche” and encourages such collaboration within its community of members for similar projects in the future.

As the proverb says : “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together…”