Forest Culture

Welcome to the forest!

This majestic landscape so essential to our planet and it’s most noble material, wood, to which humanity has so much to be thankful for contributing to its evolution since the beginning of time.

In this section, Wood Collective takes you on a journey to the discovery Outaouais’ Forest Culture, giving its community access to educational activities, historical ressources and all sorts of festivities surrounding the forest and wood.

The Forest Culture is about history, tradition, knowledge and the know-how related to the forest and all of the activities deriving from it.

Enter Outaouais’ forest universe and celebrate with us this natural legacy proudly anchored in our Quebec heritage.

Live your class in the forest

Take advadage of financial support allowing you and your students to live your class in the forest!

During this class your students will discover:

  • The importance of the forest sector in the Outaouais and Quebec economy
  • The professions and careeres available in the the forest industry
  • The forest management in Quebec
  • The relevance of forestry intervention
  • Intergrated ressource management
  • The foundation of forest management – myths and facts
  • Forestry certification
  • The benefits of the forest and wood materials

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Outaouais’ Forest History

Did you know that Philemon Wright was the first oversease lumber exporter in the 1800’s?

After Napoleon’s Continental blockade in 1807 prohibited European countries from trading with Great Britain, Canadian timber flooded the British market. In fact, the introduction of the new tariffs created an accelerated growth of the timber trade.

It’s in this context that Philemon Wright and his men assembled the first great square timber raft that was scheduled to leave from the mouth of the Gatineau River on June 11th, 1806. The Ottawa Valley timber trade that took off at that point in time would be Wright’s financial lifeline.

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Unveiling the Forest history from the year 1534 to this present day, the site is an essential tool for any educator at the high-school level who wishes to teach and share knowledge about the Outaouais’ forestry heritage. But wait! All the community will also find tons of interesting information to nourrish its own “forest culture”.

With 58 short captions carefully incorporated into the provinces’ social studies program, the site offers great features such as a plateform for educators for sharing great practices and new ideas as well as offering a simple and user friendly navigation throughout the site.

Visit to find out more about the Outaouais’s forest history.

Wood from every angle – Workshop

This educational and scientific workshop of a duration of 75 minutes allows learners of high-school, college and adult educational levels to discover the versatility of the wood material and all the professions that are related to it.

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Teachers Forestry Camp

A teacher forestry camp? Why not?

The year 2016 marks the 4th edition of the Teachers Forestry Camp.

Gathered in Duhamel in the Papineau RCM, about fifteen teachers were immersed in the Outaouais’ forest industry for four days. The training touches the entire spectre of topics related to forestry, ranging from ecology to wood transformation, also going through current debates, sustainability and the forest professions.

How does it work? Watch the video from our 2016 experience of the Teachers’ Forestry Camp.

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Month of the tree and forests

The month of May of each year, Quebec celebrates the “Tree and Forest Month”. Wood Collective joins the festivities proposing a number of activites which bring forth the wealth of the forest and the greatness of the wood material. Stay tuned on our Facebook page and our web section “Forest Culture” to find out when and where the 2017 “Trees and Forest Month” activities will be announced.

This years’ theme is #Faisdebois (#Madeofwood).