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Cross Laminated Timber 15 October 2016

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is an innovative, versatile and competitive product that will gain in popularity among architects and builders. But what is it, exactly? CLT is a wood panel typically made of three, five, or seven layers of dimension lumber oriented at right angles to one another and then glued together to form structural panels with exceptional strength, dimensional stability, and rigidity. As part of an innovative wooden construction system, CLT replaces steel and concrete as the main material used in the framework of multi-storeyed buildings. CLT is relatively new in America but has been used and tested in […]

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Thermally modified wood 21 September 2016

Builders, renovators, architects and interior designers are always looking for unique ways to stand out from the crowd. Thermally modified wood (TMW) is one way to do that. It adds a unique and warm touch of wood. People love it for the way it looks, acts, and behaves as an environmentally friendly product. But what is it, exactly? Thermal modification is a process of drying, heating, cooling, and re-humidifying wood. It’s a technology carried out in a controlled atmosphere without adding any chemicals. The resulting change gives the wood better durability and performance. The heating process improves the resistance to […]

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